Cake now, Bernard! For one day only!

Thursday night baking

Thursday night baking!

One day, in the (not too) distant future, I fully intend to be living in my spiritual home of Northumberland, running a little tea room called ‘Dr B’s Cakes and Teas’ (thanks, Sandy, for that inspirational name!).  It will be especially loved by people who struggle to write in offices, and I might have a little corner where crafty types can sell their wares.  All sounds very idyllic, doesn’t it?  Well, maybe it really will happen – I can’t see myself hanging around in the Tower of Doom forever.

I really do like making cakes – it’s how I show people that I love them.  In fact, the title of this blog post refers to just that: I once turned up to a hen weekend several hours after everyone else, and I’d been sure to send my cakes in advance – a sneaky but sure fire way of ensuring that they liked me when I arrived!  We decided I should have a mail order service for those moments when only chocolate fridge biscuit will do (hence, cake now Bernard!).  So it’s only right that my fundraising efforts should revolve around the constructing and eating of cake.  Next up, an open house cake day: next Monday, being a handy Bank Holiday, I’m inviting friends and neighbours to pop in and eat/buy cake.  I’m providing the tea, the coffee and the soft drinks – and COPIOUS amounts of cake – and my friends have been asked to bring their pocket money!

Today I made meringues, two fruit cakes, and some magical honeycomb (ready for the wonder that is honeycomb chocolate boulders, yum).  Tomorrow evening it will be a couple of lemon cakes and some tiny white chocolate bites.  On Saturday, I’m off to London for the day, so Sunday will be full on baking of Victoria sponges, fairy cakes, rice krispie cakes, and who knows what else…

Much as I love baking, I imagine that by Tuesday I’ll never want to see cake ever again!!

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